Once a month event for kids in our public schools

Jeremiah Johnson Ministries puts on an event once a month to help reach the kids in our public schools with the love of Jesus.

We hold the event at a non-church location whether that be renting out a gym, a public pool or having it at someones house. We throw the kids the most awesome party with inflatables, blow up projection screens, sound systems, video games, dodgeball, basketball, contests and anything else we can think of that will ensure they are having the time of their lives. We try to create the most fun and safe environment that we can, that will just really make them feel special and celebrated. As the night winds down we sit them all down and feed them. Then we share the good news of Jesus and his amazing grace with them in a non-pressured, simple, loving way.

It has been such a wonderful ministry! We have really enjoyed developing relationship with these awesome kids! We feel the public schools are one of the most fertile missionary fields in the whole world. The church spends so much time and money sending missionaries all over the world and I’m very much for that but our own country really needs ministry as well. One of the places I have seen with the greatest need, is our public schools. We have a whole generation that is largely unchurched and unaware of the love of God.

 We volunteer at the school through a program called WATCH D.O.G.S. It’s a program that encourages fathers and father figures to get involved in the local schools as mentors and role models. Just being at the schools spending time with the kids and helping the teachers. It’s a wonderful program but we cannot actually share the gospel on school grounds but we can volunteer and develop relationship with the kids. I have been involved with the program for the past six years. We began these outreaches as way to love on the kids and share the good news with them off of school grounds. We feel these parties are a great way to reach kids that may never walk into a church or hear the gospel any other way.

If you would like to partner with us as we do these monthly outreaches there is a link below that you can use to donate. Thank you so much and we appreciate your help reaching these kids with the love of Jesus.

Public school teen outreach