Camp Dates: July 22nd - 25th, 2020
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What Is Grace XP Summer Youth Camp About?

Grace XP Youth Camp is a 4-day, non-denominational summer youth camp for grades 6th through 12th that is run by numerous churches in the heartland of America.

It is our desire to help each camper attending:

1. Accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, if they’ve not already done so.

2. Experience the life-changing love of the Father & the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

3. Understand that all their sins – past, present, and future – are forgiven through Jesus and His finished work on the cross.

4. Discover their true identity in Christ.

5. Learn what it means to live in grace and be led by the Holy Spirit.

6. Have great fun, grow closer to others in their youth group, and meet new friends.

7. Have their best summer ever!


Why You Want To Come To Grace XP Summer Youth Camp...

What kind of summer do you plan to have? Fun or Boring? Will you just be sitting at home watching TV and playing video games? Or do you want to get away and have some real fun? Would you like to play some awesome games, be with people you know, meet new friends, and learn what it means to be God’s passionately loved son or daughter? Then plan to spend 4 days this summer at Grace XP Youth Camp!

Grace XP Youth Camp will help you realize how special you are to God, how much He loves you, and why this world needs you! It will equip you to have your best year ever! So pack a suitcase, grab a pillow and sleeping bag and come to four great days at Grace XP Youth Camp in Fayette, Ohio. You’ll have a blast!

Grace XP Camp

It’s easy to have fun at Grace XP Youth Camp….


  • You can go swimming or just hang around the pool, play frisbee golf, be part of a dodge ball tournament, or play some volleyball. Or maybe you’d rather enjoy soccer, tennis, go fishing, shoot hoops, and much more.

  • Don’t forget about the awesome food and great group games!

  • Listen to the music, hang around the campfire and eat some s’mores, all the while hanging out with your friends and making new ones!

  • But more importantly, you’ll be building relationships and learning more about yourself and about God. Hear great speakers who will teach and inspire you, as well as encourage and empower you to discover Jesus’ purpose for your life and learn what it means to be the real you that God created to reign in life!

  • You’ll also meet some counselors whose purpose is to be there just for you. They will become your friends and be there to help you discover new things about yourself, God, and faith. Or just lend a listening ear if you have questions about life that you want to bounce off them. You might even get to put a pie in their eye!